Cloud Innovator

MegazoneCloud, which specializes in AWS Cloud MSP, is leading Korea Cloud Market
since 2012 when it has selected as the first AWS official partner in Korea.






Revenue in 2022



Why MegazoneCloud?

As the first & largest AWS Premier Tier Services Partner in Korea, consulting and implementation services
are provided based on accumulated expertise through years of service, and it has a system that responds to and manages
various internal and external environments that may occur after deployment.

Cloud Solutions

MegazoneCloud delivers the most advanced, integrated cloud environment with global No.1 cloud solution partners.

Hyper Solution

MegazoneCloud’s own solutions for easy use of AWS


A range of proven security
solutions in overseas

Big Data

Fast processing, statistics,
and visualization solutions for big data


Data protection, management solutions across the enterprise

Our Clients

We successfully provide AWS solution and additional services to 5,000 customers in various fields,
including large enterprises, game companies, startups, and public institutions


Case Study

현대 L&C 로고

MegazoneCloud's Roles

Analysis of current state and consulting for future architecture implementation

Flexible communication and feedback

24/7 cloud monitoring and operations by a global team

Analysis, reporting, issue investigation, technical support, infrastructure/
application security, cost optimization

Hyundai L&C's subsidiary, HanStone Quartz, a flooring and chassis manufacturer affiliated with the Hyundai Department Store Group, is known for its high-quality and beautifully designed products made from state-of-the-art materials produced in a cutting-edge facility located in London, Ontario. HanStone Quartz produces kitchen and bathroom countertops and other products with unique patterns and designs that can inspire customers, with over 40 colors to choose from, and has gained a lot of love in the North American market.


Increased efficiency and cost savings through shortened cloud migration time

Quick problem resolution through effective issue tracking

Increased stability after Go-Live

Improved operational efficiency, resource efficiency, and agile IT management

Cost savings benefits for global customers


MegazoneCloud's Roles

Diagnosis of IT infrastructure improvement for All-in-Cloud

Design and configuration of application and database transition, including infra resources

Transition of enterprise systems to Open Source and Container-based architecture

Transition from Oracle Exadata to Oracle RDS and Aurora PostgreSQL

Design and configuration of CI/CD environment using AWS CodeSeries

Provision of Managed Services

The company is a specialized enterprise that provides food ingredient distribution, group catering services, and related services such as food safety, logistics, education, and consulting under the slogan "Food Business Partner Creating the Success Way." Additionally, as part of its digital transformation efforts to secure outstanding capabilities, it is engaged in various business activities.


Cost reduction

Reduction of high-cost items such as Oracle and WebLogic with the conversion to open-source

Continuous optimization of infrastructure resources for cost reduction after the open service

Improvement of cost management through standardization of configurations

Performance improvement

Single-order management service transition resulted in approximately 38% speed improvement

SAP inventory service saw an average speed improvement of 55% after transition

Employee satisfaction improvement

75% of survey respondents reported experiencing improved response speed

Increased satisfaction of CJ Freshway customers

After the conversion to Cloud, it is possible to flexibly cope with the growth of monthly sales.

Although monthly order volumes have been increasing since the Cloud conversion, flexible architecture has contributed to business growth without major issues.