[Video Commerce] 4 Must-Check Sample Videos
Blog|Date : 2020-07-23

[VCommerce Digest] 4 Must-Check Sample Videos When You Consider Creation of Video for Your Commerce



According to IMPACT, fully 80% of Millennials who will make up major buying power in near future answered that video content is helpful for product research. As you can find from the statistic, the impact of video content itself on commerce is getting bigger and bigger.


However, there is one more thing that you have to take into consideration before starting video commerce. It is deciding the best type of video for your product and business. From the previous article, we already had taken a look at shoppable video and live video. Those are the most popular type of video these days. In addition to these two video types, in the posting, we are going to introduce you to a snackable and interactive video which are gaining continuous popularity from viewers. With noteworthy sample videos, let’s learn more about each type of video and its benefit.


1.Shoppable video


Shoppable video is a video with links to the product page and accompanied text so-called CTA such as ‘Learn more’, ‘Buy now’ and ‘Add to cart’ etc. The virtues of this shoppable video are not just delivering a consistent brand and product image but also converting potential customers to real customers with CTA. And the effectiveness of CTA is amplified if its message is clear and easy to find on video. In response, more and more businesses are adopting shoppable video and Ted Baker London, a British luxury clothing retail company, is one of them too. According to Ted Baker London, the shoppable video already tracked $70,000.


In the Ted Baker’s sample video #TEDPRESENTS, man and woman models believed to be in 20-30s, the age range of target customers, endorse Ted Baker’s traditional style F/W season items while walking under the snow. And every time the models wear the new items, the message “click the tags to shop” appears right beside the items. Customers can click the product on the video and purchase them right away.


(Source: Ted Baker London Website)




2. Live streaming


It is no exaggeration to say that streaming something has become daily life for people in modern society. Recently, streaming a live video that promotes brand and products, so-called live commerce is in the spotlight. Since relatively in a short period of time compared to shoppable video, retailers can seek an uplift in sales revenue once the video is delivered to target audiences. Of course, drawing the target audience can be a burden to retailers too.


China, with a huge domestic market, has recently been leading live commerce globally. The Digital Fashion Week took place in Shanghai, collaborating with Tmall, the biggest Chinese online marketplace. Viewers can not only enjoy the fashion show remotely but also share their comments and purchase products in real-time. According to Alizila, Digital Shanghai Fashion Week attracted 1.1 million viewers and generated approximately $2.82million in gross merchandise volume. Check out below the Shanghai Fashion week video.


(Source: Youtube Shanghai Fashion Week Goes Fully Digital)



3. Snackable video


Guess what Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram stories have something in common. Videos on the apps are limited to 10 or 15 seconds and attracting tons of users! So-called snackable video is a short-form video you can enjoy in a short time.


Millennials prefer condensed and interesting content they can enjoy just as a snack. If you want to grab the attention of rising buying power, Millennials, snackable video is the right approach.


Note Chipotle’s example, a Mexican restaurant franchise in the US.


This 27-years-old restaurant tries to fortify its brand awareness among Millennials through Tik Tok, where the millennial generation’s proportion of the total user reaches 40%. With videos showing different menus, recipe, and customers along with music and the meme. Especially Chipotle lip flip challenge generated 307.5M views and successfully recorded about 7.7 M followers on Tik Tok.


(Source:Chipotle – Someone like you)



4. Interactive video


Have you ever seen any other buttons besides “play” or “pause” on video? An interactive video is a type of video which lets viewers write their own story by clicking buttons within the video. In other words, it is a tailored video for each viewer. It becomes more powerful when it comes to commerce since it provides personalized product information. It is not a surprise that interactive video drives the rise of conversion ratio.  As stated in Brightcove, 35% of marketers have responded that there was a rise in the conversion rates and 25% answered sales increased.


Last year, Nike introduced a new model Air Max Dia using an interactive video titled “Style It Yourself”:  Nike Air Max Dia Interactive Film. From top to bottom, viewers can select between two items and assemble their outfits.



(source: Hypermaker webpage)


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Written by SoJeong Baek, Global marketing specialist at MegazoneCloud