[Video Commerce] How to Make an Effective Promotional Video
Blog|Date : 2020-07-23

[VCommerce Digest] How to Make an Effective Promotional Video: 3 Good Reads and Video Tutorials


Rome was not built in a day. So does video commerce. 


Though you chose the right video types for your business (If not, please explore useful information about video types and sample videos from our first VCommerce Digest series: link), the question is then how you can make the video. It is definitely difficult to make something out of nothing. If you are looking for a guide on where to start and what to use to make a video suitable for your business purposes, the following resources can be a useful signpost.  


Show your product more attractively

Showing your products and services more attractive to customers is the first thing to consider when you create a promotional video. 



Then how can we appeal to customers? Above all, a deep understanding of the product and service should be preceded by. For better understanding, we recommend you have an in-depth interview with product developer or service own. After the interview, list up points you have to consider and create a storyboard for your promotional videos.


Now you successfully went through the base steps. The next step is considering filming conditions such as light, camera lens, and so on. Find out 5 practical advice from this video. Do not miss the editing tips part.


  • 5 Tips for Shooting Product Videos




Start with approachable tool and skill

Yes, cost and skill are matters when making a video. So you might be wondering what is the best way to create a video with easy-to-use tools and minimal cost. Here are some tips for you.

With your constant companion a smartphone, you can shoot even a professional video. The following article says all you have to prepare is your phone and a cheap & solid tripod. Check out what are the 8 tips that help you to make your own video.


  • Read : 8 tips on recording professional video with a smartphone






Keep searching for advanced tools and techniques

As the video comes up as the major medium on mobile, the viewer’s standard of high-quality video content to be higher day by day. Therefore, searching and embracing advanced tools and techniques continuously becomes important. For those who are hungry for the latest information, introducing the below youtube channel. With 30 years of writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing, and hosting professional television of all kinds, the creator shares you a video creation know-how using various tools such as windows, iMovie, and powerpoints, etc.


  • Youtube Channel : Video creation tips and tutorials




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Written by Lydia Kim, Global marketing specialist at MegazoneCloud