Overview about Amazon Security Lake

MegazoneCloud offers Security Data Lake Consulting and Implementation Services.

Customers can automatically centralize security data in a few steps with integrated ISV solutions based on MegazoneCloud ecosystem.

Background and Purpose

Security Data Analytics

Security Data Analytics

Analyzing data within AWS and
enhancing protection for
resources, applications, and

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Centralizing variety of security
data from all AWS accounts/
regions and 3rd party solutions.

Data Normalization

Data Normalization

Normalizing data into open
standards for efficient sharing
and integrating a wide range of
security source data through
various analysis tools.

Efficient Storage

Efficient Storage

Enhancing storage efficiency
and data querying by well-
managing security data.

Concept of Workflow

Centralizing security data from various sources and ensuring security visibility through dashboards.

Amazon Security Lake

What MegazoneCloud Offers

Consulting services

Consulting for requirement assessment/design, Providing step-by-step consulting based on customer objectives

Amazon Security Lake

Implementation services

Centralizing visibility of event data from various security services



  • Customer requirement assessment
  • Success criteria & scheduling
  • Target log, event view design
  • AWS architecture design

AWS Infra

  • Architecting Amazon Security Lake
  • Collecting Source Logs
  • Architecting Subscriber Dashboard


  • Testing (penetration testing)
  • Verification of dashboards and event alerts


  • Completion of deployment
  • Providing Next Steps for security enhancements within workload