Seize New Business Opportunities
with Video

Video as the New Normal for Business

Live streaming has become the new normal as it reshapes how people work, exercise, shop, and learn. Forward-thinking businesses are embracing live video streaming services for new ways of communication, new digital customer experience, and new business model.


Introducing MegazoneCloud exclusive media service to Seize the new business opportunities with video!

CloudPlex Media ― A ready-made media platform
CloudPlex Media Service ― Media professional service

CloudPlex Media is a ready-made & fully-managed video platform powered by AWS.


Launch video streaming
service & virtual event
in minutes.

Scale as you grow without
the heavy lifting of acquiring
expensive video hardware.

Deploy fully automated
live stream pipeline.

Free from the operational
burden of managing servers.

Key Features

CloudPlex Media Service is the professional service to help you design and build AWS-based media architecture customized for your requirements.


Create a fully customized media
architecture tailored to your
unique business requirements.

Shorten configuration
period with pre-designed
media architecture.

Configure stable and
optimized cloud-based
media architecture.

Innovate your services by leveraging
the latest AWS technologies such as
machine learning and data analytics.

Key Services

Live streaming and
VoD FileLive service

high resolution service

Optimized architecture
configuration and
functional level API

Media consulting,
architecturing and training

Customer Stories

Channel Hyundai

Delivering New Digital Experiences for
Global Customers by Launching New
Media Service Platform on Cloud


Attracting Gen-Z Customers and
Building Brand Loyalty with
Immersive Video Shopping Experience


Reshaping Vietnamese Beauty Market
With New Community Service
and Live Commerce

Why MegazoneCloud for Media Services

We are Digital Architects rethinking today’s business challenges and building cloud-based solutions for tomorrow’s digital opportunities.

Dedicated Team of Media Experts

Dedicated team of cloud-based media technology specialists with
20+ years broadcasting & media industry experiences.

Proven References of Media Services

Proven media references corresponding to various use cases from
different industries.

Trends & Thoughts

Delivering a Unique Customer
Experience with
LIVE Video Service

How To Increase Sales and Customer
Engagement with Video Commerce
& Smart Retail Solution

Bringing Business Closer to the
customers with Video in an era with

AWS Capabilities